Welcome to the House of Collection


Hello & Welcome. 

You’re likely here because you are curious, enamored or infuriated by this “House of Collection” place. Perhaps you’ve visited for one of our soiree’s, perhaps you are an occasional houseguest wanting to keep up with our goings on, perhaps you saw us in the NY Times, or Coilhouse.  Or perhaps you identify with the right wing, suspect unethical depravity here-in & wish to participate!

On any count, you are welcome here as we get our site up & running. At the moment, please see our FaceWorld group the House of Collection, for current & past goings on.

Please come back soon! Exceptionally fun creative, educatory stuffness is pending!

Love & Rust,

th’HoC Proprietrix’


About Ahnika Delirium

Strangeling Culture Gypsy, Authentic Faery Creature. Lover of meaning & all things living, & everything is alive. Purveyor of mischief, merriment & memetics. Seeker of the sacred.Pontifacateur extraordinaire. Novice Time Traveler. Interpreter of Dreams. Teller of Stories. Art, allegory , absurdity. Among other things...

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