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Recent Adventures, Endeavors, Additions


Darling Cohorts of Ye Olde House of Collection.

I have returned to the Wyrld of Bloggery.

Today I shall tell you a bit of what  has been happening in our li’l world in the last li’l while. Mostly Kittens & Alterna-Commerce. More depthful reflections of grand projects & adventures shall be depicted herein, shortly. Start lightly & build momentum, breadth & depth. We shall see how it goes. In the meantime, simple things of gravity have been afoot…

Most signifigantly, we are now on AirBnB.

HoC makes the front page of AirBnB

HoC makes the front page of AirBnB

For those of you who don’t know about it, AirBnB is a  new crowd-sourced-esque way for travellers (both those of means & those with little) & home”owners” to co-ordinate places to stay, for rates that are often lower than hotel rates, in much more interesting places. It offers a huge insurance policy & great ways to filter prospective guests, find folx with whom one has common interests, & set the parameters of guests stay, in a contractual manner, more or less directly with the other party. I mark this as a “most significant” development, in that it can, via finance & the motivation to keep the house spotless & organized, improve our quality of life, & offer some adventure at home via meeting new folx, as well as more opportunities to travel.

Thusfar we’ve had naught but good experiences with it. Having had folx stay while we are home, &, as is the more common practice on AirBnB, had folx stay whilst we were out of town, trusting our home to strangers.

We’ve hosted a 40th birthday party for a guest, getting to meet their interesting, intelligent & diverse friends, among them dramaturgists, physicists & a reverend. Stellar musicians from London, Gallerist Phish-fans from Canada, a stellar mother daughter novelest team from South Africa (My personal favorite guests thusfar! Can’t wait to visit them!), & a landscape architect from Chicago. All folx whom we may or may not have met otherwise, & we are improved for the experience.

Vectors are grand! & sharing space, be it for pay or for love or for both, can be a gratifying, learning, & oft’ leavening experience. It’s also been a great new source of income for th’ HoC, allowing us both to relax our perrennial ambient anxiety around the ever-increasing cost of living in NYC, so that we might spend more quality time with one another, our community, our creative projects (Such as Amalgam Nouveau & GypsyTransTemporalis), &, the subject of the next section of this post:


Cuddly Kittehnz o'th' HoC

B’ & Sus’. Les chatons nouvelles de la HoC.

B’ & Sus’ are technically cousins. Here at th’ HoC for a coupla months now & finally, officially adopted.

We discovered them just post Sandy (the superstorm which our mayor refused pre-emptive relief for, hence leaving thousands of people without power & water, many of whom are still without, & animals homeless & lost,), via a poster at a local coffee shop, advertising for a kitten adoption event at a converted storefront northside Williamsburg, called Kitty Loft (You can see a fostering & adoption blog loosely associated with Kitty Loft here). Paige’s sister Lydia was here, & having had a year to mourn the passing of our beloved friend Kitty, whom was in residence here for 18 years, we decided that her coming was a good moment to find new friends to come live with us.

We three showed up at Kitty Loft on the date of the event, only to find that it had been cancelled, which turned out to be to our benefit, as we then had the pick of many litters. We had expected to get sibling kittens, & were on the lookout for shorter haired Calicos. Paige surprised herself by instantly fell for a small long haired tuxedo boy (who fell asleep in Lydia’s palm, they were so tiny!) & I for the prettiest tortoise shell calico. Cousins, ostensibly & in the same cage from a very young age. We spent some time with them & found them to be loving, active, curious & engaging, (as kittehnz are wont to be, but especially so in this case). We filled out adoption applications immediately. They were just shy of three weeks old.


Whilst waiting for Ye Li’l Kittens to be ready to come to their new home. ‘Splorin’ upstate

Our Beloved Kitty

Our Beloved Kitty

As it turned out, we were required to wait, to be able to officially              adopt them & hence bring them home, until they were  either large enough   or old enough to get their desexing surgeries. We were also  told we could come visit in the meantime. Right after starting the adoption process, but before we could yet bring them home, we all went on an upstate adventure to visit our friends Kat & Mason at their marvelously magickal home Calico for a weekend in the woods. A few days after our return, Lydia stopped by Kitty Loft to check in on the kittens, only to be given the message that we would be welcome to “foster” them, until we could officially adopt them, as other cats at Kitty Loft had been coming down with a respiratory infection & they wanted our kittens to be protected from it. We could pick them up whenever we liked & would be expected to bring them back, when they had enough weight on, to get their shots & surgeries. Soon they were home again for the first time (as they are time travelling kittehnz, blog entry pending).It was suggested that we keep them in one smaller room as they got accustomed to life outside of the big multi-tiered cages they had lived in since their rescue.

Paige & Lydia

Paige & sister Lydia on an off trail adventure visiting Kat & Mason upstate at Calico. Winter Aught ’12

Introducing them to our lavatory first, helping them get used to us & to certain habitudes de toilette, as well as learning that running was an option, which they enjoyed immensely. We were brainstorming names & Lydia offered for the tuxedo the name “Sustainable Kitten” (Due to the fact that he has nigh on infinite “cute” to offer, & is hence completely sustainable), & I got all flowery & romantical & named the tortoise shell kittehn “Beatrix Betina Choovansky”, B’ or Bet’ fer short (the surname is for a favorite graphic novel series).

We were so happy to get them early, as our plan was to socialize them with a broad range & volume of people, hopefully other animals, & most especially to harness train & leash train them at an early age. We decided well before getting them that we wanted to have (time)travel friendly kitties, who were at least 1/18th dog. We head out of town alot, sometimes upstate to Calico & sometimes to Ohio, to Paige’s Folx’ goat farm, or to Tennessee, to frolic with th’ Radical Faeries. We wanted cat shaped friends to come explore with us, & who will enjoy keeping proximity to us & being engaged. Also, two kittehnz are better than one in even a big apartment. When we’re at work, or out of town without them, they have one another for company.Since arriving at th’ HoC they’ve been to Ohio & Tennessee with us, on long car rides, meeting dogs & other cats, with limited drama. They’ve become accustomed to & even enjoy new sights & sounds, tho’ they are healthily wary of them as well. They’ve doubled in size since we got them, Sus’ is 5 lbs & B’ is 4. Their appointment for surgeries was this weekend & just last night I went to pick them up. Li’l shaved bellies & moody & growly from the discomfort & anesthetics. They took a a li’l while to get used to one another again, smelling different phermonally & confused from being handled by folx, & having other cat’s smells all over them. They’ve stayed pretty chill & got affectionate & playful again right quick, & have mostly settled back into their usual habits (tho’ not running around as much yet). They really adore one another. The below is from before our vacation, it will open in another tab or window:

Kittehnz Bathe

I’ll leave you with that. More on projects, socio-antropological initiatives we love, time travelling nomads, Antarctica, the commons as a model for our culture, & the value of entropy warriorship, all to come, anon.

Thankee Sai’s all.

xo- Ahnika Delirium

o’ th’ HoC